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You may search the REV Bible text or the commentary. You may choose to search the entire bible, either testament, or the church epistles.

Many people are very familiar with the King James Version (KJV). You may want to locate verses containing a phrase or words that you know are in the KJV, but those exact words are not in the REV. An example is the word “dispensation.” If you search the REV Bible text for “dispensation,” you will not get any results. We have added the option to “Include KJV.” If you check the “Include KJV” checkbox and search for “dispensation,” the search results will contain verses where the word is found in the KJV.

You may search for multiple words by separating them with a space. Do not enter double (") quotes, or semi-colons (;). Search words must be at least three (3) characters long. Also, common words like “and,” “for,” and “the” are not permitted unless they are part of a phrase you are searching for, such as “day of the lord.”

There are three ways you can search: “Find all matches,” “Find exact word(s),” and “Find phrase.” They work like this: Say you search for “utter words.” If “Find all matches” is selected (the default), the results will contain verses with the words “utter,” “uttered,” “utterly,” and “words,” “swords,” etc. If “Find exact word(s)” is selected, results will only contain verses with the exact words “utter” and “words” in them. If “Find phrase” is selected, results will only contain verses with the phrase “utter words” in them.

You may also search the commentary for scripture references. For “Search What,” select “REV Commentary,” then for “Search How,” select “Find scripture ref.” Then enter a valid scripture reference, and click “Search.” The system will find all occurrences of that scripture reference in the REV Commentary, whether the book name is abbreviated or not.

You may search for Strong’s numbers by simply searching the commentary for the number.

Searches are not case sensitive. Links in search results will open in a new window or tab.