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This section of the REV contains a list of all Spirit & Truth Fellowship (STF) video and audio teachings from Youtube and Podbean. There are over 1500 titles. You can browse the entire list, or you can filter the resources displayed by type or playlist. You can also search for specific words by typing into the search text box and clicking “Go” or pressing [ENTER]. For example, if you want to locate resources having to do with resurrection, you would type “resurrection” into the box and hit [ENTER].

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viewLibrary File: Names of the Devil (Spanish) (Pub: 2022-12-05)

Apéndice 14. “Nombres del Diablo” está disponible en español en Microsoft Word. Puede descargarlo haciendo clic en el enlace de abajo.

Appendix 14. “Names of the Devil” is available in Spanish in Microsoft Word. You can download it by clicking the link.

Download the file

Video expand/contractBeing Jesus’ Friend (23:44) (Pub: 2022-12-04)

At the Last Supper Jesus called the eleven apostles “friends,” inviting them into a deep, intimate, committed relationship with him. Jesus said “You are my friends if you do…” Friends “do” for each other. Are you holding up your end of the friendship?

Verses: John 15:9-17; James 2:18-23; Heb. 11:8-12, 24-29; Exod. 33:11

Teacher: Sue Carlson

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Video expand/contractWhen Life Comes Crashing Down (48:47) (Pub: 2022-11-29)

When things appear bleak, hopeless, or insurmountable, where do we turn? The Bible is full of real-life examples of people just like us who persevered and came through the fire. These examples are recorded to teach us that we, too, can persevere—encouraged by their examples—and have hope for a victorious outcome. If they could do it, so can we!

Verses: Rom. 15:4; Judg. 11:1-40; Luke 1:26-38

Teacher: Dennis Hickman

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Video expand/contractJesus Christ – The Wisdom of God (39:18) (Pub: 2022-11-27)

A study of the usages of “wisdom” in the Old Testament shows that wisdom is often personified as a woman. Within Jewish monotheism, this figure of speech is always used to personify a function of Yahweh. It vividly identifies God as the only source of wisdom and expresses his active involvement in creation. In I Corinthians 1, Christ is called God’s Wisdom. The identification of divine wisdom with Christ emphasizes the truth that God’s plan of salvation – the message of the cross – defines God’s wisdom in a final way. Now that Christ is raised from the dead, God’s purpose in creation can only be understood in terms of him, since it is only in Christ that the divine intention for creation is fulfilled.

Verses: 1 Cor. 1:22-24, 30, 11-13, 17-24; 2:7-8; Job 28:1,12-28; Prov. 8:1, 22-31; Jer. 7:16-18; Deut. 6:4; Col. 1:15-20

Teacher: Dr. Shawnee K. Vickery

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Video expand/contractBe Thankful (34:42) (Pub: 2022-11-22)

Giving thanks is a mindset—it is living a thankful life. This can be hard, because there are so many things in life that are evil and ungodly that can cause hardships. Believers need to practice a “replacement” mindset. Instead of dwelling on the negative and complaining about those hardships we need to focus on all the things there are to be thankful for and eventually our brains become rewired to be more positive. Thankfully, there is a lot to be thankful for.

Verses: 1 Chron. 16:34; Ps. 9:1; 17:3 Luke 6:35; 17:1-6; John 16:33; Acts 14:21-22; 1 Cor. 15:33; Gal. 5:23; Eph. 5:3-4; Col. 3:15; 1 Thess. 5:18

Teacher: John Schoenheit

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play mediaWords of Wisdom | Ep 69 | I Am Always Right (Prov. 21:2) (18:11) (Pub: 2022-11-21)


Everyone likes to be right. But who's to say whether we actually are or not? Do we get to decide? If it were up to each of us, we would probably claim that most of our actions and behaviors are right. However, the desire to be right is so strong in us that we can tend to make up reasons to legitimize what we have done or are about to do. But only Yahweh can determine if we are deceiving ourselves or living out of a pure heart.

Illustration: In the 1964 NFL season, Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jim Marshall recovers a fumble but then accidentally runs 66 yards to score a touchdown in the wrong endzone.

Verses: Prov. 21:2; 15:11

Teacher: Jerry Wierwille

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Video expand/contractThe Last Supper and Communion (52:38) (Pub: 2022-11-20)

This teaching explores how, when Jesus broke bread and drank wine with the Apostles at the Last Supper, this actually involved two separate parts of the blood covenant. The penalty for breaking a blood covenant was death, so in Matthew and Mark Jesus said his blood was “poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins” because it was through Christ’s blood—his death—that sin was paid for. The Gospel of Luke then takes the shedding of blood to ratify a new covenant, and Jesus’s sacrifice was the blood sacrifice that ratified the New Covenant. So both the penalty for breaking the Old Covenant and the shed blood required to ratify the New Covenant were included at the Last Supper.

Verses: Gen. 15:7-12, 17-21; Lev. 4:1-3, 13, 22, 27, 31; Jer. 31:31-34; 34:8-11, 17-20; Matt. 26:26-29; Mark 14:22-25; Luke 22:17-20; Jude 1:12; 1 Cor. 11:17-22, 30; 2 Cor. 5:21

Teacher: John Schoenheit

This teaching concludes with communion. If you would like to participate, have bread and wine or juice available.

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Video expand/contractWhat Is The Wrath of God? (18:22) (Pub: 2022-11-18)

The “wrath of God” is mentioned throughout Scripture, yet it can sometimes be hard to understand in light of God’s loving nature. This teaching explores and expounds on what the wrath of God truly is, how mankind’s freewill choices play into this concept, how obedience to God is always the best decision we can make, and more.

 Verses: Rom. 1:18, 24; Gen. 18:25; Ps. 7:11; 50:6; Rev. 12:10; Exod. 4:21; Deut. 31:16-18 

Teacher: John Schoenheit

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viewLibrary File: Harmony of the Gospels (Pub: 2022-11-18)

Valuable insight can be gained by comparing the Gospels to each other. The Gospel Harmony aligns verses of the four Gospels that speak to the same events in chronological order. The text of the verses is displayed side by side providing the complete Gospel record of each event in one place in sequence. The document was put together by Rich Lauer and is based on the work of John Schoenheit and Sue Carlson. It is an Excel spreadsheet, so you will need Microsoft Excel or software like Libre Office to use the file.

Download the file

Video expand/contractThe Golden Calf (1:05:05) (Pub: 2022-11-15)

Israel had been out of Egypt for a month and a half when they came to Mount Sinai and made a covenant with God that they would be His people and obey Him and the laws He gave, and He would choose them out of all the nations on earth to be his people. But while Moses was on the mountain for 40 days, the people approached Aaron and convinced him to make a golden calf god that would lead them into the Promised Land. This teaching covers the record of the making of that god, the interactions that occurred after it was made, and the many life lessons in this passage.

Verses: Exod. 19:3-5; 24:4-8; 31:18; 32:1-35

Teacher: John Schoenheit

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