About the Revised English Version


The REV translation project began in the year 2000. At the start, translators worked with the American Standard Version (ASV) of 1901 as a base text so editors would have a full version of the Bible to work on and people would have a complete Bible to read even as the work progressed. The first year of the work was devoted to global changes, such as changing “Jehovah” to “Yahweh” in the over 6,000 times it occurs, changing the older English words such as thee, thy, art (“are”), hast, shalt, and oft (often) into their modern equivalent, and changing the older English word order to agree with modern word order. Although some changes could be done globally, eventually the entire Bible had to be translated verse by verse. The first edition of the New Testament was released in printed form in 2014. As the translation work continued, it became apparent that online access was a vital need. It was in early 2015 that the REV became available online at revisedenglishversion.com and then on mobile devices through the REV Bible App (iOS and Android).

Since 2015, a systematic translation of the New and Old Testaments has been underway and the work has progressed significantly as additional translators joined the team.

The REV project has now gone on for over twenty years, and many different people have been involved over the years. Translation work is continuing steadily in both the Old and New Testaments, and the commentary is constantly expanding. In addition to translating from the Hebrew and Greek critical texts, translators use Hebrew and Greek grammars and lexicons, other English translations, commentaries, journal articles, and historical and geographical studies to improve the translation.

Translation Team

Over the years, numerous individuals have contributed to the work in various capacities based on their knowledge and skills. The core translation team consists of individuals who work together to produce an accurate, readable, and robust translation. Those serving on the translation team have training in the original languages and have extensive experience in biblical studies and theology.

Theological Approach

Every translation is built upon a framework of necessary assumptions and understanding about the text. No translation is free of translator bias. To learn more about the theological approach of the REV translators, see the “Introduction.”

Prayer and Blessing

It is our prayer that the REV translation will be a great blessing to all readers regardless of their personal theological beliefs. We desire for it to help those who are truly seeking to understand the Bible to be able to understand it on its own terms, free from the compulsion of centuries of Christian tradition that has affected nearly every modern English version.

May God our Heavenly Father bless your journey and pursuit of truth, and may you come to know in greater depth and richness the saving power of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

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