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Export the REV into other Bible Programs

It is now available to install the REV and the REV Commentary into several popular Bible study/research programs and apps. What this means is that you can have the REV and commentary installed directly on your computer, tablet, or phone, and you can read it without having an internet connection. The supported programs so far are e-Sword®, MySword®, BibleWorks®, theWord®, and iBible-Study HD®. Some of these programs are completely free, and some of them do cost a little money, but the fee is reasonable. We should say that Spirit and Truth Fellowship International is not affiliated with any of the companies that distribute these programs in any way.

“e-Sword®” is a popular Bible study program. To read more about it, please see their website at this link. It is completely free for use on a Windows PC, and may be downloaded from their website. The version for Apple Mac computers is called “e-Sword X” and is available in the App Store for $9.99. The version for the Apple iPad is called “e-Sword HD” and it is available in the App Store for $5.00. The version for the Apple iPhone is called “e-Sword LT” and it is available in the App Store for $3.00. There is no Android version of the program. You can install the REV Bible text, commentary, and appendices into e-Sword.

“MySword®” is a Bible study app written for Android tablets and phones. There is a free version available in the Google Play Store, or you may purchase the premium version ($20) or deluxe version ($50) from their website, mysword.info. The free version is adequate, but if you choose to upgrade, you do get additional features, some of which are nice to have. You can install the REV Bible text, commentary, and appendices into MySword.

“BibleWorks®” is a Bible study/research program for Windows PCs. While it is no longer being developed, and is no longer available to purchase, many people do own this program, and may want to install the REV and commentary. Their website is located at this link. You can install the REV Bible text and commentary into BibleWorks.

“theWord®” is a free Windows program available at their website. Although there is a bit of a learning curve, this is a very nice program. The REV Bible text, commentary, and appendices can be installed into theWord.

“iBible-Study HD®” is a free iPad app that is available in the App Store. It uses the same file format as theWord, so the modules that are available for theWord are also available for iBible-Study HD.

All five of these programs have many other Bible translations, as well as lexicons, dictionaries, and commentaries available to install, many of them free. This means you can compare the REV to other translations, and see what other commentators have to say about Bible passages. This may be helpful in your study of the Bible. But maybe the main benefit of installing the REV into any of these programs is that you can read it any time you like, whether you have an internet connection or not.

The REV is continually being worked on and updated, and new commentary is frequently added. The REV export files will be updated the first of every month, at least. To make sure you have the latest version installed on your computer or device, visit the Exports section of this website to download and reinstall the file(s).

There are two versions of the commentary that can be installed. One is just the commentary itself, the other has the Bible verse the commentary is for at the top. If you are using a phone, it might be helpful to have the verse text at the top of the commentary. If you are using the PC version of e-Sword, or if you are using e-Sword HD or MySword on a tablet, the Bible text and commentary are both visible at the same time, so seeing the verse at the top of the commentary is not necessary. It’s your choice as to which version of the commentary you install. Or you can install them both and switch between them from within the program.

Installing the REV into these programs is not difficult, but there are instructions that need to be followed. In some situations, it will help if you have a basic understanding of how to move files from one place to another on your computer or device. The instructions are different for each program. Listed below are links to specific instructions for each program and device you may have. We suggest you click the link for the program you have, and print out the instructions.

Instructions for installing the REV into e-Sword (PC, X, HD, LT):

Instructions for installing the REV into MySword for Android:

Instructions for installing the REV into BibleWorks for a Windows PC:

Instructions for installing the REV into theWord or iBible-Study HD:

Once you have viewed or printed the instructions, click here to go to the Exports section of this website to download the files you want.

We hope this feature will help you in your study of God’s Word.

God bless you!