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“Your father made our yoke hard.” Sadly, this reflects the real situation in Israel under Solomon, especially in his later years. We think of Solomon as wise, but he was not wise in the way he treated people. And he was truly wealthy, but that wealth came at a cost, and his people worked hard and paid dearly so Solomon could have what he had, which was very impressive to people on the outside such as the Queen of Sheba, but was so hard on people on the inside who did all the work.

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“and who stood before him.” The meaning of this phrase is that the young men got to be “before him,” that is, in his presence. These were the young men who were privileged in Rehoboam’s kingdom and who got to be with him and thus had easy access to him. Rehoboam felt very close to these men (see commentary on 2 Chron. 10:9).

2Ch 10:9

“that we should return as an answer.” Note the “we” in this verse and how different it is from 2 Chronicles 10:6, when Rehoboam was speaking with the old men and asked how do you advise that “I” answer the people. Rehoboam did not feel close to the older men, but felt very close to the younger men. Sadly, the younger men had been raised as spoiled brats just as Rehoboam had, and they felt privileged and entitled, and that led to the break up of the United Kingdom of Israel.

2Ch 10:10

“my little thing.” (See commentary on 1 Kings 12:10).

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“Judah.” Here “Judah” represents the tribes of Judah and Benjamin.

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