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Zec 10:1

“spring rain.” The spring rain is also called the “latter rain.” This is the rain that falls at the end of the rainy season which brings the grain to maturity. Without it, the grain will not mature and there will be no harvest. [For more information on the former and latter rain, see commentary on James 5:7].

Zec 10:2

“there is no shepherd.” There were no godly leaders. Here, as in many other places, “shepherds” refers to the leaders.

Zec 10:3

“he-goats.” The male goat (he-goat) or ram was used idiomatically by the figure of speech hypocatastasis for the powerful people or rulers, and it was especially true when used of ungodly leaders, as it is here and Isaiah 14:9. When one studies the use of “goats” in the Bible, and also studies their destructive behavior, it is easy to see why, in the Bible, the “goats,” were often put for the unbelievers or the unsaved (cp. Matthew 25:33). [For more on goats in the Bible, see commentary on Isaiah 14:9. For more on the figure of speech hypocatastasis, see commentary on Rev. 20:2].

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