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Zec 11:3

“shepherds.” Here, as in many other places, “shepherds” refers to the leaders.

Zec 11:4

“the flock doomed to be slaughtered.” The literal Hebrew is “the flock of slaughter.”

Zec 11:5

“shepherds.” Here, as in many other places, “shepherds” refers to the leaders. The leaders did not take care of the people, but only had their own interests in mind.

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Zec 11:8

“three of the shepherds.” The Hebrew text can be read as “three of the shepherds” or as “the three shepherds.” There have been centuries of debate as to how the sentence should be translated and what it refers to, and there has never been a totally satisfactory answer set forth. We only know that some shepherds were removed.

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Zec 11:17

“right eye.” The right eye was invaluable to the warrior because in order for the body to be protected in war the shield had to be mostly in front of the warrior, covering the left eye. If the right eye was blind, the warrior had to move the shield so far to the left to see to fight that the shield became essentially useless (cp. 1 Sam. 11:2).


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