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Sos 4:1

“darling.” See commentary on Song 1:9.

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Sos 4:7

“darling.” See commentary on Song 1:9.

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Sos 4:12

“locked up garden.” It is important to understand the cultural difference between a biblical “garden” from this time period and our modern “garden.” A biblical “garden” was more like a small park, with water, shade trees, and plants of all sorts, where the owner could go and relax and enjoy himself (cp. Ecc. 2:4-6). In contrast, too often our modern “gardens” are simply rows of vegetable or flowers. The fact that the Beloved is described as a “locked up garden,” indicates the woman has not as yet opened herself up to the Lover.

Sos 4:13

“an orchard of pomegranates.” It is highly unlikely that the Lover is trying to compare the different parts of the woman’s body to the many different kinds of fruit and spices in his list. What is much more likely is that he is simply making the case that as many different pleasures “shoot forth,” or come from a garden, so his Beloved provides many and varied pleasures.

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