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“for the priest is holy.” The text reads, “for he is holy,” abruptly changing from the plural “they” to the singular “he,” but the reading is confusing in English because it reads as if the divorced husband is holy which is not what the text is saying. The point of the singular is to emphasize that every priest is holy.

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“the food.” The Hebrew text is more literally, “bread,” but “bread” stood for food in general, and since there were meal offerings of grain, in this context “food” is the preferable translation. No priest who had a blemish was to make the sacrifices and offerings.

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“No man of the seed of Aaron.” That is, no man who is a priest. The “seed,” or offspring, of Aaron were the priests.

Lev 21:22

“He may eat the food of his God.” This shows how much God cares for His people. The priest with a defect is not to approach God and offer sacrifices and offerings, respecting the holiness of God, but he may still eat of the holy things that were offered.

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