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spirit.” This is the use of “spirit” that refers to the activities of the mind: the thoughts, attitudes and emotions. Job’s situation caused him angry and bitter thoughts and emotions. [For more on the uses of “spirit,” see Appendix 6, “Usages of ‘Spirit.” Usage #13 concerns thoughts and emotions].

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“deceitfully as a brook.” Almost all the brooks and streams in Israel only run in the rainy season, which means they dry up when the summer starts. But it is hard to be sure when any given stream will run dry, so a person goes to a stream expecting to find water but the stream is “deceitful” and is dry.

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“honest words.” The Hebrew is more literally, “words of uprightness,” but here it refers to upright or honest words, which can be painful. But the “reproof” of Job’s friends was not “upright;” Job’s friends were in error about him. Job was innocent.

“But your reproof, what does it reprove?” Since the “reproof” of Job’s friends was based on error it reproved nothing. It was misplaced.

Job 6:26

“Do you consider your words as reproof.” The exact translation of the Hebrew is debated. One way the text has been taken to mean is that Job’s friends take their words to be legitimate reproof but Job’s words to be only like empty wind. Another way the text has been understood is that Job is saying, “Do you intend to reprove my words,” and thus consider Job’s words to be only like the wind, of no real substance or meaning. The former translation seems more likely.

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