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Job 30:23

“the meeting-house.” The Hebrew words most likely refer to a meeting-house. Although many English versions read the “appointed” house, when the Hebrew word is used to refer to something “appointed,” it is usually an appointed time. Since the context is a house, it refers to a house or appointed place where people meet. This is one of several verses in Job where Job speaks of death being the place where everyone meets and remains. Job speaks about death being a “house,” that is, a place where people are and stay. He does not speak of death being an “experience” or a “portal” of some sort, where death takes you to life in another place. The state of death is the “meeting house” for everyone, and in that sense Job 30:23 is quite similar to Job 3:11-19 where everyone, the great and the small, are together in death. Job has said in a number of places that he, and everyone else, will die and be dead (cp. Job 3:11-13; 7:7-10; 14:12; 19:25-26; 30:23).

It is important to note that Job never speaks of dying and going to heaven, “Hell,” or any other place. He speaks of being in Sheol, which is the state of being dead, and Job is exactly correct. People die and are dead in every sense of the word until God raises them from the dead in a resurrection. [For more on the dead being truly dead, see Appendix 4, “The Dead are Dead.” For more on the resurrections coming in the future, see commentary on Acts 24:15].

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Job 30:28

“I go about blackened, but not by the sun.” The translation is debated, but it likely means that Job was sick and his skin black with scabs from his sores and disease, but it was not darkened by the sun.

Job 30:29

“I am a brother to jackals.” Job is saying that like the jackals and ostriches howl and screech, so does he, crying out in pain and sorrow.

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