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Jer 33:4

“this city.” Jerusalem. Jeremiah was imprisoned in Jerusalem, the capital city of Judah.

Jer 33:5

“fill those houses.” The Hebrew text reads, “fill them,” but it is referring to the houses.

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Jer 33:11

“groom.” In many English versions, the older term “bridegroom” is used, but it just means the groom.

Jer 33:12(top)
Jer 33:13

“under the hands of him who counts them.” This was referring to the custom of how a tithe was taken from a flock or herd. The herdsman drove the flock or herd through a gate, and someone counted the animals as they went through, marking every tenth one. Each tenth animal was given to God as His tithe. If a person was starting out with a small herd or flock, and ten animals were not born to him that year, then the man did not have to tithe that year, which was a way God provided for His people and helped them build their wealth (Lev. 27:30-33). In the Millennial Kingdom, the tithe will once again be established so the priests and Levites can live well.

Jer 33:14(top)
Jer 33:15

“a righteous Branch.” This is one of the titles of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

“for David.” See commentary on Jeremiah 23:5.

“justice and righteousness.” In this context, “righteousness” is doing what is right toward God and people, and in effect is “justice.” In Jeremiah 33:15, “justice” means more like “judgment,” fair and equitable judgment, thus justice. The emphasis is the effect: justice. In contrast, “righteousness” has more emphasis on the action; doing what is right to God and to fellow humans. There is no justice on earth now, but when Christ reigns on earth as king there will be justice and righteousness. [For more on “righteousness” having the meaning of doing what is right or just (“justice”), see commentary on Matt. 5:6. For more on Christ’s future Millennial Kingdom on earth, see Appendix 3, “Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth”].

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Jer 33:17(top)
Jer 33:18

“the Levitical priests.” The Masoretic Hebrew text reads, “the priests the Levites.” Every priest was also a Levite. [For more on the Levitical priests, see commentary on 2 Chron. 30:27].

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