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Jer 39:1(top)
Jer 39:2(top)
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Jer 39:4

“toward the Arabah.” So they fled east and headed towards the Jordan Valley.

Jer 39:5

“Riblah.” A strategic town on the Orantes River in Syria.

Jer 39:6

“slaughtered.” The Hebrew text uses a word that means “slaughtered” instead of the normal word for “killed.” So although the way Nebuchadnezzar had the men executed is not described, it may have been quite gruesome.

Jer 39:7(top)
Jer 39:8

“the king’s house.” That is, the palace.

“and broke down the walls of Jerusalem.” This was not a small feat as the walls of Jerusalem were thick and high. In many places they had been there since the Jebusites some 500 years earlier.

Jer 39:9(top)
Jer 39:10

“gave them vineyards and fields.” This was not just because Nebuzaradan was a nice guy, although he may have had genuine pity for the poor people of Judah who had been so taken advantage of by the rich people. Having people in the land who would be thankful to Babylon and occupy and farm the land was good for taxes and also as a small buffer from Egypt to the south. It ensured that the land was not just free for the taking by anyone who happened by.

Jer 39:11(top)
Jer 39:12(top)
Jer 39:13

“Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard sent, and Nebushazban.” This list of officials who got involved in making sure Jeremiah was well taken care of shows us that Nebuchadnezzar clearly communicated his concern for the welfare of Jeremiah to his officials. It is a sad testimony of the Judeans, “God’s people,” that they treated Jeremiah so badly but the “pagan Babylonians” cared so well for him. Sadly, it still happens today that sometimes Christians treat other Christians worse than some unbelievers treat the Christians.

Jer 39:14(top)
Jer 39:15(top)
Jer 39:16(top)
Jer 39:17(top)
Jer 39:18

“your life will be your spoils of war.” An idiom meaning that the booty that Ebed-melech would get from the war would be his life; the spoils of war for Ebed-melech would be staying alive. Ebed-melech had helped the prophet Jeremiah (cp. Jer. 38:7-13), and so God promised that Ebed-melech would not die in the Babylonian attack. Given the ruthless attack of the Babylonian army on the city of Jerusalem once the army had broken through the gate and poured into the city, the promise that God would protect Ebed-melech in the midst of all that mayhem and carnage was no small promise. This idiom of a person’s life being the spoils of war occurs in Jeremiah 21:9; 38:2; 39:18; and 45:5.


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