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Isa 44:1(top)
Isa 44:2

“Jeshurun.” Jeshurun is a prophetic name God calls Israel. It is from the Hebrew root for “upright,” and so it could loosely be translated “the Upright,” or “Righteous-nation.” Although Israel was certainly not upright in Isaiah’s time, they will be in the future. It occurs four times in Scripture, here and Deuteronomy 32:15 and 33:5, 26. [For more on Jeshurun, see commentary on Deuteronomy 32:15].

Isa 44:3

“For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and streams on the dry ground.” Isaiah 44:3-5 speaks of some of the blessings of the Millennial Kingdom when Christ rules the earth, and the earth will be restored to an Eden-like state. The “water” on the one who is thirsty likely refers to the gift of holy spirit being poured out upon those who believe. [For more verses in Isaiah that speak of the Millennial Kingdom, see commentary on Isaiah 2:2. For more on Christ’s future kingdom on earth, see Appendix 3, “Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth”].

Isa 44:4(top)
Isa 44:5

“One will say, ‘I am Yahweh’s.’” The context of this dedication to God is the giving of the gift of holy spirit to people. The gift of holy spirit that is given to Christians today and other believers in the future after the Rapture will influence people to be godly and obey God (cp. Ezek. 36:27).

[For more about the holy spirit that God promised in the Old Testament to give in abundance in the future but had not given by the time of Christ, see commentary on John 7:39. For more about the gift of holy spirit being “upon” people in the Old Testament and “in” people after the Day of Pentecost, and the differences between holy spirit in the Old Testament and after Pentecost, see commentary on Eph. 1:13, “promised holy spirit.” For more about the holy spirit being the gift of God and not a “Person” called “the Holy Spirit,” see Appendix 11, “What is the Holy Spirit?” For more on the holy spirit and new birth, see Appendix 1, “The Permanence of Christian Salvation.”]

Isa 44:6

“I am the first and I am the last.” This title applies to God here, and it appears in a similar form in Isaiah 48:12. See the commentary on Revelation 1:17.

“no God besides me.” We have capitalized “God” here, as do a large number of English versions, because that is the meaning of the text. God is saying there is no other being who is His equal, i.e., “God.” There is only one true God, Yahweh, the creator of the universe. Although some versions have “god” with a lower case “g,” and read, “there is no other god besides me,” that is not technically correct because there are lesser “gods” alongside the true God. The entire Old Testament is filled with admonitions for God’s people not to worship other gods, and 1 Corinthians 8:5 says there are many “gods.” However, we are to know the one true God, even as Jesus himself prayed: “that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17:3).

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Isa 44:15

“worships.” The Hebrew verb is shachah (#07812 שָׁחָה), and it is the same Hebrew word as “bow down.” The common biblical way of bowing down before people or God was to fall to one’s knees and bow the upper body to the earth. Shachah is translated as both “bow down” and “worship;” traditionally “worship” if God is involved and “bow down” if people are involved, but the verb and action are the same, the act of bowing down is the worship. [For more on bowing down, see commentary on 1 Chron. 29:20].

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