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Gen 41:1

“the river.” That is, the Nile.

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Gen 41:6

“scorched by the east wind.” In Egypt, the east wind would have come off the great Arabian Desert and been very hot and dry.

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Gen 41:8

“spirit.” Here the word “spirit” is being used of Pharaoh’s mental state; his thoughts and emotions.

[For more on all the various uses of “spirit,” see Appendix 15: “Usages of ‘Spirit.’”]

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Gen 41:14

“dungeon.” The Hebrew word is “pit.”

“He shaved.” The Egyptians were clean-shaven, in contrast to the Hebrews who wore beards. Interestingly, when the Egyptians were in mourning, they let their beards grow, but when the Hebrews were in mourning, they sometimes shaved their beards (Isa. 15:2). It would have been offensive to Pharaoh for Joseph to appear before him unshaved, so even though Pharaoh’s summons was urgent, Joseph took the time to shave and thus make himself acceptable. It is very important to make a favorable impression and not needlessly offend people or cause them concern: “An offended brother is harder to be won than a strong city” (Prov. 18:19).

It is universally true that people feel comfortable around other people who think and act like they do. We say our modern culture is tolerant and accepting of individuality, but that is more a facade than a reality. You can be “different” as long as your particular difference is acceptable, but a lot of differences, especially conservative Christian ones, are not at all acceptable among many “liberal” people who say they respect individual differences. Christians should be more interested in winning people to Christ than showing off one’s individual preferences.

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Gen 41:40

“by your command.” More literally, “by your mouth,” with “mouth” being put by metonymy for what comes from it, the words and commands.

[See figure of speech “metonymy.”]

“be ruled.” The Hebrew text is literally, “kiss.” Thus, “by your mouth will all the people kiss.” The idiomatic use of “kiss” here most likely refers to being obedient and submitting to rule (cp. Ps. 2:12), but it could also refer more directly to paying homage to Joseph and then by extension obeying him. Thus the NASB translation: “and according to your command all my people shall do homage.”

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Gen 41:46

“Joseph was 30 years old when he stood before Pharaoh.” Joseph was 17 years old when he was sold into slavery in Egypt (Gen. 37:2). He was 30 when he became second in command in Egypt (Gen. 41:46). The Bible does not say how those 13 or 14 years in slavery were divided up between being in Potiphar’s house (Gen. 37:36; 39:1) and being in prison (Gen. 39:20).

[For more on the chronology of Joseph, see commentary on Genesis 37:2.]

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Gen 41:51

“Manasseh.” The name Manasseh means “making forget.” Joseph had put his past behind him and was moving on. During the seven years of plenty, he did not ever even ask about his birth family. He must have been quite bitter about what happened to him, and he seems content to simply forget his past. But God had plans for Israel and would bring it all back to him when his brothers arrived.

Gen 41:52

“Ephraim.” The name means “fruitful” or perhaps “made me fruitful,” but the word is a dual masculine form, leading some scholars to believe the word means “doubly fruitful,” which may be the case.

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