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Eze 45:1(top)
Eze 45:2

“500 cubits.” Given the length of the royal cubit as 20.59 inches (52.3 centimeters; see commentary on Ezek. 48:8), then the Temple complex in the Millennial Jerusalem will be about 285 yards or 260 meters square.

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Eze 45:6

“as the property of the city an area 5,000 cubits wide and 25,000 long.” The city of Jerusalem was to be on the south side of the Temple Mount (Ezek. 40:2; 48:15), and it had land associated with it. The land was 25,000 cubits east to west, and 5,000 cubits north to south, whereas the city of Jerusalem was only 4,500 cubits square (Ezek. 48:16). The rest of the land was for the people and farming, and was “for the whole house of Israel,” meaning that it was not a sacred district with limited access, but was for everyone to enjoy.

“alongside of.” The Hebrew is more literally, “side by side with.”

Eze 45:7

“prince.” The Messiah, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the “prince” because he is the Son of the King, God (see commentary on Ezek. 44:3).

“on each side of the holy offering area and of the property of the city.” In this verse, God divides “the holy offering area” from the area given to the city of Jerusalem and the “whole house of Israel” (Ezek. 45:6). The “holy offering area” mentioned here in Ezekiel 45:7 includes the 25,000 by 10,000 cubit area set aside for the Levites and the 25,000 by 10,000 cubit area set aside for the priests. That area is holy and so it is separated from the 25,000 cubit by 5,000 cubit area that will be set aside for the city of Jerusalem, its property, and the “whole house of Israel” (Ezek. 45:6, some of whom may not be ceremonially clean. The three areas together make the 25,000 cubit square offering area that is spoken of in Ezekiel 48:20.

The prince will get the land on “each side” of the 25,000 cubit square area, extending to the borders of Israel: the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River (cp. Ezek. 48:8).

Eze 45:8(top)
Eze 45:9

“This is what the Lord Yahweh says: enough, you rulers of Israel!” Periodically in Ezekiel’s description of the future Temple and land of Israel God breaks in with a message to the people of Ezekiel’s time, as He does here in Ezekiel 45:9 (cp. Ezek. 43:10-11; 44:6-16; 45:9-10).

Eze 45:10

“You must have just balances.” Leviticus 19:35 commanded people to have honest weights and measures. The fact that Ezekiel has to remind the people of that shows that they were acting unrighteously in their business deals; just more of the sin that the people of Judah were involved in during the time of Ezekiel. [For more on the biblical balance used in buying and selling, see commentary on Prov. 11:1].

“bath.” A liquid measure roughly equal to nine gallons.

Eze 45:11

“The ephah and the bath will be of one measure.” The ephah was a dry measure and the bath was a wet measure, like we might have a peck and a gallon today.

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Eze 45:13(top)
Eze 45:14(top)
Eze 45:15(top)
Eze 45:16

“prince.” The Messiah, Jesus Christ, is the prince, the Son of God the king (see commentary on Ezek. 44:3). He is not only the prince, but the High Priest as well.

Eze 45:17

“new moons.” The new moon, the beginning of the month, was celebrated with special sacrifices and offerings under the Law of Moses (see commentary on Num. 28:11).

“the sin offering, and the grain offering, and the burnt offering, and the peace offerings.” The sacrifices and offerings will be restored in the Millennial Temple, but the Bible never explains why (see commentary on Ezek. 42:13).

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Eze 45:20(top)
Eze 45:21(top)
Eze 45:22

“prince.” The Messiah, Jesus Christ, is the prince, the Son of God the king (see commentary on Ezek. 44:3).

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Eze 45:25(top)

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