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“utter contempt.” The Hebrew is more literally, “contempt of soul,” referring to complete or utter contempt.

“so that its pastureland became plunder.” The exact meaning of this Hebrew phrase is unclear, and the English versions vary greatly. What is clear is that the nations surrounding Israel were more than happy to take advantage of Israel’s weakness and grab some of Israel’s land for themselves.

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Eze 36:7

“lifted up my hand.” One way a person swore a solemn oath was to raise his hand and swear. See commentary on Genesis 14:22.

Eze 36:8

“for they will soon come home.” It is in the Millennial Kingdom, when Christ rules the earth, that this prophecy in Ezekiel 36:8-12 (and also in Ezek. 36:22-38) of the return to Israel will be fully fulfilled. There was a partial fulfillment when the Persians let Israelites return to Israel, and many people did come back to Israel after the Babylonian Captivity, which is the subject of Ezra and Nehemiah. However, historically more Israelites stayed in the areas where they had been scattered than returned home to Israel, and the prophecies of Israel’s abundance that are here in Ezekiel 36 will not be fully fulfilled until Christ rules the earth.

[For more in Israel’s return to their land when Christ rules the earth, see commentary on Jer. 32:37. For more on the Millennial Kingdom of Christ, see Appendix 3, “Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth”].

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“bring you into your own land.” There are many verses that prophesy Israel’s return to the land of Israel, most of which will happen at the first resurrection, the Resurrection of the Righteous (cp. Ezek. 37:12-28). [For more information on Israel’s return to the Promised Land, see commentary on Jeremiah 32:37].

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Eze 36:26

“I will put a new spirit inside you.” Ezekiel 36:26 is very similar to Ezekiel 11:19. Also, it has some things in common with Jeremiah 32:39 (see commentary on Ezekiel 11:19 and Jeremiah 32:39). Also, although “spirit” can have several meanings in this verse, one of them is the gift of holy spirit, which in the Old Testament God placed “upon” people but which in the New Covenant will be “in” people. Jesus Christ understood this and taught it to his apostles at the Last Supper (see John 14:17 and commentary on John 14:17).

Eze 36:27

“and cause you to walk in my statutes.” The context of this phrase is the resurrected believers in the Millennial Kingdom, and they will have the gift of holy spirit and will also have the advantage of not having a sin nature that fights with the spirit nature, like Christians do today (cp. Gal. 5:17).

“and you will keep my ordinances and do them.” It is clearly implied here, and in other verses as well, that when God pours out the new gift of holy spirit upon people in the future, that it will be with them and help them forever. Jesus certainly saw that in the Scripture (cp. John 14:16, and see commentary on John 14:17).

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Eze 36:36

“rebuilt.” The Hebrew word is banah (#01129 בָּנָה) and it can mean “build” or “rebuild” depending on the context. Here it means “rebuild.” Over the centuries many of the cities of Israel and Judah were destroyed (and here in Ezekiel the primary emphasis is on the cities of Judah that were destroyed by Babylon), but God promises that in the future, which we know will be in the Millennial Kingdom when Jesus Christ rules the earth from Jerusalem, Israel will be repopulated and the cities rebuilt.

[For more on God regathering all the Israelites to Israel, see commentary on Jer. 32:37. For Jesus Christ reigning over all the earth see commentary on Dan. 2:35. For more on the future reign of Jesus Christ over the earth, see Appendix 3, “Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth”].

Eze 36:37

“I will increase them.” The prophecies of the future Millennial Kingdom include all Israel being filled with people. This will be due in large part to the number of righteous people who will be in the first resurrection, the Resurrection of the Righteous, and also because the natural people allowed into the Kingdom from the Sheep and Goat Judgment will multiply greatly.

[For more on the Millennial Kingdom, see Appendix 3, “Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth.” For more on the Sheep and Goat Judgment, see Matt. 25:31-46 and commentary on Matt. 25:32].

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