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Dan 10:1

“third year of Cyrus king of Persia.” Therefore 536/535 BC.

“word.” This is the biblical use of “word” as a message, not just a single “vocabulary word.” Christians typically use this jargon today, such as, “I have a word [message] from the Lord.”

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“Michael, one of the chief leaders.” Michael was a ruling angel. When God created the spiritual world with different spiritual beings, He made some of His angels to be ruling angels, “archangels.” The ruling-angel Michael is specifically called one of the “chief princes” (or “primary rulers”) in Daniel 10:13. Similarly, Revelation 10:1 and 18:21 mention “strong” angels who are more powerful than others. So, like people, God’s angels have different abilities and responsibilities. [For more information on ruling angels and the spiritual world, see Jude 1:9 and see the commentary on Gen. 1:26].


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John Schoenheit teaches on the spiritual battle, expounding from Daniel 10.

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“sons of men.” The Hebrew reads “sons of man,” that is the sons of “mankind” (or “humankind”), i.e., human. The angel was in human form.

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