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“booth.” People built temporary booths to watch their crops and keep them safe, especially as harvest approached, but those temporary shelters soon fell down and fell apart. Here, David’s kingdom is compared to a temporary booth that has fallen over. Judah was in ruins, but God foretells of a time when David’s kingdom will be restored, which will be when Christ rules the earth. Isaiah, who prophesied about the same time as Amos, also said Zion was in ruins like a booth in the field (see commentary on Isaiah 1:8).

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“I will bring my people Israel back from captivity.” There are many verses that prophesy Israel’s return to the land of Israel, the Promised Land. Although Israel did return from Babylon, this prophecy will not be fully fulfilled until in the Millennial Kingdom, as is clear from the context. [For more information on Israel’s return to the Promised Land, see commentary on Jeremiah 32:37].

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