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Amo 7:1

“Lord Yahweh showed me, and behold, he was forming locusts.” God showed Amos a disaster that was about to come to pass. Amos prayed, and God moved in such a way that the plague did not come to pass.

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Amo 7:3

“Yahweh changed his mind concerning this.” The Hebrew word translated “changed his mind” is nacham (#05162 נָחַם), and in this context it means to change one’s mind and the subsequent course of action (cp. CJB; NASB; cp. BBE; NLT). God sometimes changes His mind in response to what people do, as we see here. [For more information on God changing His mind, see commentary on Jeremiah 18:8].

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Amo 7:6

“changed his mind.” See commentary on Amos 7:3.

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Amo 7:9

“shrines.” The Hebrew word “shrines” is bamot, which referred to a place that was leveled and built up and on which were placed various idols and objects of worship. Many of the towns had such shrines (see commentary on Num. 33:52).

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Amo 7:14

“son.” Here used in the cultural sense of “disciple.” Amos was not a prophet nor the disciple of a prophet. [For more on “son” meaning “disciple,” see commentary on Matt. 12:27].

“a farmer of sycamore figs.” It is noteworthy that Amos said he was a farmer of sycamore figs, because the sycamore fig does not grow around Tekoa, but rather in the lowland, so it is possible that Amos agreed to take care of someone else’s trees in return for grazing rights, or it is also possible that Amos was wealthy enough to own land where he grew the sycamore figs. Since it would be impossible to both watch sheep around Tekoa and also take care of sycamore fig trees at the same time, Amos could well have been quite well off, which would also be why he could take time to go north into Israel and prophesy.

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