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“shofar.” The ram’s horn trumpet, not the metal trumpet.

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“the winter house along with the summer house.” Although a person could have a two-story house in which the winter house would be the lower level and the summer house would be the upper level and have many more windows to let any breeze blow through in the summer, in this case the Hebrew text reads most naturally that the wealthy people owned two separate houses, one for the summer and one for the winter. Thus, Amos 3:15 reveals the extreme wealth of the wealthy, which makes their mistreatment of the poor and needy even more egregious.

“the houses of ivory.” The houses of the king and other wealthy people living in Samaria would not have been made of ivory, but were decorated with ivory, an expensive and luxurious material that ostentatiously displayed their wealth. Many fragments of ivory have been found in the excavation of Samaria, revealing the truth of this prophecy.


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