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Amo 2:1

“he burned the bones of the king of Edom into lime.” This was a vicious and vengeful act and done, not because Moab needed lime, but because it was believed by many in the ancient world that if a dead body was destroyed and did not get a proper burial that the spirit would wander without rest. The king of Moab wanted to deprive the king of Edom of resting in death.

Amo 2:2

“shofar.” The ram’s horn trumpet, not the metal trumpet.

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Amo 2:4

“their lies.” This likely refers to the idols that they follow, because they are the same things their “fathers” (ancestors) followed after, but it could then also refer to the words of the false prophets of those gods, e.g. the prophets of Baal, etc. The NIV has, “they have been led astray by false gods, the gods their ancestors followed,” and that gets the main sense of the text. God uses descriptors such as “Worthless,” and “Lies” to describe idols. Many people in Judah were following pagan gods, as we know from Kings and Chronicles and other prophets such as Jeremiah.

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Amo 2:7

“same girl.” The Hebrew word translated “girl” here in Amos 2:7 is na`arah (#05291 נַעֲרָה), which usually refers to a girl who is young, not an older woman. The girl can be simply a young girl, a newly married girl, a female slave, or a prostitute. The context here is unspecific, and it is also possible that the girl, if a female slave, is being used without her consent. But it is clear that the text is not accusing the woman even if she is complicit; God holds each person responsible to maintain their own holiness and to avoid sin. The Torah forbid a man from having his father’s wife (Lev. 18:8; 20:11; Deut. 22:30), and people who were closely related were not to have sex with the same person (Lev. 18:15; 20:12, 14, 20). Sexual holiness is very important to God, and requires great restraint and diligence on the part of people, because humans have such strong sexual urges. People who love God make the effort to obey Him and fulfill His requirements. Although it was permissible in the Old Testament for a man to have more than one wife, for Christians today God has brought sexual fulfillment back to His original design: inside a marriage between a man and a woman. Scripture says that each man is to have his own wife and each woman her own husband (1 Cor. 7:2).

Amo 2:8

“on clothes taken in pledge.” If a person gave his clothing as a pledge for a loan he was almost certainly poor, and those clothes were to be returned by nightfall so the person had something to sleep in (Deut. 24:12-13). These leaders were incredibly cold and hard-hearted, and sinned against the poor. No wonder God threatened judgment on the nation.

”The house of their God." That is, the Temple. The Temple was to be a holy place for God, but these leaders use it as a place to celebrate their power over others.

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