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2Sa 20:1

“There had come there.” The place is Gilgal (2 Sam. 19:40).

“son of Belial.” This is a designation of sons of the Devil. [For more on sons of Belial, see commentary on 1 Sam. 2:12. For more on the unforgivable sin and children of the Devil, see commentary on Matt. 12:31].

“shofar.” The ram’s horn trumpet, not the metal trumpet.

2Sa 20:2

“went up.” The people were down at the Jordan by Gilgal, some 1,000 feet below sea level, and now the people of Israel go up out of the Jordan Valley into the hill country of Israel.

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2Sa 20:5(top)
2Sa 20:6

“lord’s.” The Hebrew “lord’s” is plural, a grammatical plural, a plural of majesty. David is speaking of himself.

2Sa 20:7(top)
2Sa 20:8

“the great rock that is in Gibeon.” This is likely a large standing-stone that was set up there. However, the Bible does not say who set it up or when. The Gibeonites were Hivites (Josh. 11:9), and Joshua made a covenant with them to let them live (Josh. 9). [For more on standing-stones, see commentary on Gen. 28:18].

2Sa 20:9(top)
2Sa 20:10(top)
2Sa 20:11

“over him.” That is, over Amasa.

2Sa 20:12(top)
2Sa 20:13(top)
2Sa 20:14

“He went through all the tribes of Israel.” Sheba had gone through Israel trying to garner support but apparently did not get much.

2Sa 20:15

“They came.” The subject changes; this is Joab and his army chasing Sheba.

2Sa 20:16(top)
2Sa 20:17

“servant.” The Hebrew word is amah (#0519 אָמָה), which refers to a woman who is not free in one sense or another, generally a female slave, but perhaps, for example, a concubine.

2Sa 20:18

“ask, yes, ask.” The figure polyptoton (see commentary on Gen. 2:16).

2Sa 20:19

“mother.” Here in 2 Samuel 20:19, the “mother” can be either or both the “mother city” or the wise mothers in Israel. A mother city is a city that is strong and usually well-fortified and supports the smaller villages and towns around it, which are sometimes referred to as “daughters” (see commentary on Josh. 15:45). In this case, the city of Abel was a “mother” in Israel.

2Sa 20:20(top)
2Sa 20:21(top)
2Sa 20:22

“shofar.” The ram’s horn trumpet, not the metal trumpet.

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2Sa 20:24(top)
2Sa 20:25(top)
2Sa 20:26

“head administrator to David.” See commentary on 2 Samuel 8:18.


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