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2Ki 5:1(top)
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2Ki 5:4

“told his lord.” Naaman’s “lord” was the king of Syria, as per 2 Kings 5:5.

2Ki 5:5

“Go now.” That is, go to Israel.

“a letter to the king of Israel.” Naaman and the king did not understand that the king of Israel did not have the power of Yahweh to heal, but the prophet of Yahweh did if he had the revelation to do it.

2Ki 5:6

“the king of Israel.” Jehoram was reigning over Israel at this time (cp. 2 Kings 3:6).

“saying.” It was the letter that was “saying,” but the text assumes the reader understands that.

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2Ki 5:8(top)
2Ki 5:9(top)
2Ki 5:10(top)
2Ki 5:11

“I thought.” Many times what we think God will do stops us from receiving what God wants to do for us. That was almost the case with Naaman, but thankfully the officers in his army intervened.

2Ki 5:12(top)
2Ki 5:13

“his servants.” In this context, Naaman’s “servants” are the officers under him, just as earlier in the chapter Naaman himself was called the “servant” of the king of Syria.

my father.” Here used as “mentor” and “guide.” [For more information on the uses of “father” in the Bible, see commentary on Genesis 4:20. For information on the disciples of a Rabbi being called his “sons,” see commentary on Matthew 12:27. For information on the disciples of a Rabbi being called “orphans” if the Rabbi died or left the area, see commentary on John 14:18, “orphans”].

2Ki 5:14

“seven times.” The revelation of the man of God was to wash seven times. Naaman would not have been healed until his obedience was complete. He was not a little healed the first time he dipped, and a little more the second time. He was not healed at all until he dipped the seventh time, then he came up totally healed. Expect God’s promises to be fulfilled when we have fully obeyed Him.

2Ki 5:15

“stood before him.” Elisha was likely sitting. That Naaman stood before him showed respect and recognition of one of higher authority.

2Ki 5:16

“before whom I stand.” Naaman stood before Elisha, but Elisha stood before God, the ultimate authority.

“he urged him to take it.” Naaman would have been embarrassed to return to Syria without giving something for the healing he received, so he would have seriously urged Elisha to take it all, or at least something, but Elisha stood firm and took nothing.

2Ki 5:17

“two mules’ burden of earth.” The belief at the time was that the various gods lived in specific places on earth. That is why when Jonah got a revelation from Yahweh he did not want to obey, he left Israel. Jonah thought that by leaving the land of Israel he could get away from Yahweh. In contrast, Naaman wanted to worship Yahweh, but how could he do that in Syria? The answer was to take some of the land of Israel back with him to Syria and worship Yahweh on the dirt from Israel. [For more on people believing that different gods lived in different places on earth, see commentary on 1 Kings 20:23].

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2Ki 5:25(top)
2Ki 5:26

“and olive groves and vineyards, and sheep and cattle.” These would have been purchased with the silver.

2Ki 5:27(top)

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