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2Ki 12:1

“Jehu.” Jehu was reigning as king over Israel; Jehoash was now reigning as king over Judah.

“Jehoash.” Jehoash, king of Judah, is also called “Joash,” which is a variant of the name “Jehoash” (cp. 2 Kings 11:2). He was the son of King Ahaziah, who was killed by Jehu, king of Israel.

“his mother’s name was Zibiah of Beer-sheba.” Zibiah is only mentioned here and in Chronicles, where she is described as the mother of Jehoash. Nothing is known about her or how Ahaziah the king met her, but she would have been one of his wives. Since Jehoash and his nurse, not Jehoash and his mother Zibiah, were the two people hidden by Ahaziah's sister Jehosheba (2 Kings 11:2), Zibiah would have been one of the royals who were killed by Athaliah when she grabbed the throne. Athaliah would not have allowed any of the wives of Ahaziah to live because any children they bore have might become a contender for her position as queen.

2Ki 12:2

“Jehoiada the priest.” Jehoiada lived to be 130 years old (2 Chron. 24:15).

2Ki 12:3

“the local shrines.” The Hebrew word “shrines” is bamot, which referred to a place that was leveled and built up and on which were placed various idols and objects of worship. Many of the towns had such shrines (see commentary on Num. 33:52).

2Ki 12:4(top)
2Ki 12:5

“treasurer.” The meaning of the Hebrew word is unknown, but something such as “treasurer” is suggested by the Ugaritic. The English versions vary greatly.

2Ki 12:6(top)
2Ki 12:7(top)
2Ki 12:8(top)
2Ki 12:9

“guarded the threshold.” An older term for guarding the gate.

2Ki 12:10(top)
2Ki 12:11

“carpenters.” More literally, “carvers of wood.” They were likely responsible for the decorative carvings on the Temple.

2Ki 12:12

“masons.” This is more literally, “wall builders.”

2Ki 12:13(top)
2Ki 12:14(top)
2Ki 12:15(top)
2Ki 12:16(top)
2Ki 12:17

“then Hazael set his face to go up against Jerusalem.” There is more detail in 2 Chronicles 24:18ff, explaining that this attack is due to Jehoram’s sin.

2Ki 12:18(top)
2Ki 12:19(top)
2Ki 12:20

“at Beth-millo.” This is someplace in or around Jerusalem, but the exact location is unknown, as is the identity and location of Silla.

2Ki 12:21

“his servants.” This would be the use of “servants” that refers to officers or officials. Jozacar the son of Shimeath and Jehozabad the son of Shomer killed Jehoash because he killed the son of Jehoiada the High Priest (2 Chron. 24:25).

“Amaziah.” Amaziah is also called “Uzziah."


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