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2Ki 1:1(top)
2Ki 1:2

“fell down through the lattice.” The latticework covered the window, so it seems that Ahaziah was leaning against the lattice to get a better look at something happening outside when the lattice gave way and he fell from his upper room to the ground below.

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2Ki 1:6

“A man came up to meet us.” The messengers, not recognizing Elijah, thought that one of the prophets from Ekron had heard—likely from their god, but possibly word about the king Ahaziah’s fall had gone out into the kingdom—and was on his way to see the king when he met the messengers and gave his message to them. Ahaziah recognized from the message that something different must have happened and inquired about the prophet and discerned that it was Elijah.

2Ki 1:7(top)
2Ki 1:8(top)
2Ki 1:9

“He went up to him.” The captain with his 50 men went up to Elijah. He felt secure with his army with him and would have come quite close to Elijah. So when the fire fell, it fell very close to Elijah and it likely left a pile of charred bones. Yet Elijah did not leave where he was. He was a battle-hardened prophet, and had been in Good vs. Evil conflicts before, for example, when he faced off against the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel.

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2Ki 1:17

“Jehoram began to reign in his place in the second year of Jehoram.” This can be a confusing time in reading Kings and Chronicles because the kings of Israel and Judah were both called “Jehoram” and the shorter version “Joram.” Ahaziah had no son, so when he died, his brother Jehoram took over the throne (2 Kings 3:1).

2Ki 1:18(top)

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