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2Ch 6:1

“Then Solomon said.” 2 Chronicles 6:1 is the same wording as 1 Kings 8:12.

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“the covenant of Yahweh.” That is, the tablets of stone that had the Ten Commandments on them which were representative of the whole covenant and Law that God made with Moses and the people of Israel.

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2Ch 6:13

“platform.” The Hebrew normally means “basin,” but there is a Sumerian cognate that means “platform.”

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2Ch 6:22

“If.” Here in Chronicles, the Hebrew text is clearly “if,” while in 1 Kings the “if” is not as clear, which is why some versions use “when,” The Hebrew text is hard to understand because the pronouns are not clear as to who they refer to. But in any case, this seems to be a request for justice and for the guilty party to be punished and the innocent party to be vindicated (cp. 1 Kings 8:31).

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2Ch 6:26

“because.” Here the people turn from their sin “because” God afflicts them. The people realized that what they were going through was no accident, but was due to their disobedience to God.

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2Ch 6:35

“do what is right for them.” Israel was fighting its enemies; this is holy war, and Solomon prays that God will “do” justice for Israel, in this case by giving them victory.

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2Ch 6:41

“the ark of your strength.” This phrase also occurs in Psalm 132:8. This phrase is likely due to the association with the ark being used in battle.

“good things.” This phrase is likely referring to all the good things that God blesses Israel with, including, food, good weather, families, peace in the nation, etc.

2Ch 6:42

“do not reject the face of your anointed.” The “anointed” is the king, in this case, Solomon. The word “reject” is more literally “turn away,” being used for “reject.” Solomon is praying that God will not reject him.

“Remember the covenant faithfulness of David your servant.” This seems to be the best way to render the Hebrew. David obeyed God and the blessing for his faithfulness should fall on Solomon (cp. CJB; CSB; JPS; KJV; NAB; NJB; YLT).


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