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2Ch 31:1

“standing stones.” Most standing-stones were set up as part of the worship of pagan gods, and that is the context here. God has no tolerance for idols. They are harmful in many different ways, and God commanded that they be destroyed. [For more on standing-stones, see commentary on Gen. 28:18. For more on idols being harmful, see commentary on Deuteronomy 7:5].

pagan shrines.” The Hebrew word “shrines” is bamot, which referred to a place that was leveled and built up and on which were placed various idols and objects of worship. The context indicates these shires were pagan in nature (cp. NLT, “pagan shrines”). Many of the towns had such shrines (see commentary on Num. 33:52).

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“from three years old and upward.” The number “three” seems out of place, and some scholars suggest that it was a copyist’s mistake for 30. However, the Hebrew text does read “three,” and some scholars point out that this section of Chronicles is about those priests who can receive sustenance from the sacrifices and offerings that were brought to the Temple. They point out that a child was often weaned at three years old, and that this verse is saying that priests did not have to wait until they were actually serving in the Temple to receive sustenance from the Temple, but that from three years old and up priests were allowed to be sustained by the sacrifices, gifts, and offerings of the people (cp. The Old Testament Library: I and II Chronicles, by Sara Japhet.

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