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“and bound him in fetters to carry him to Babylon.” Chronicles omits that Jehoiakim served Nebuchadnezzar for three years before he rebelled (2 Kings 24:1-6). Jehoiakim died in chains and never made it to Babylon (see commentary on 2 Kings 24:5).

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“eighteen.” The Masoretic Hebrew text, which is normally used for the translation of the Old Testament, reads “eight,” but in this instance, as in quite a few in the Old Testament, there was an obvious copyists error. The original reading of “eighteen” is preserved in 2 Kings 24:8, as well as in some of the other Hebrew manuscripts, and also in the Septuagint version. Thus, some modern translations read “eighteen” as the REV does (BBE; HCSB; Darby; ESV; NAB; NET; NIV; NLT). There was no apparent good reason to preserve the reading in the Masoretic text when there was such weighty evidence that it was a scribal error and it caused a contradiction between the books of Kings and Chronicles. For another example of a scribal error involving numbers, see 1 Samuel 6:19, where the Masoretic text reads 50,070 people, when the actual reading was no doubt just 70 (see commentary on 1 Sam. 6:19).

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“He also rebelled against king Nebuchadnezzar.” For his rebellion, Zedekiah was blinded and carried to Babylon, where he died in prison (2 Kings 25:5-7; Jer. 52:10-11).

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“rising up early and sending them.” This is an idiom meaning to send again and again. The idea is that God rose up early and sent His prophets, and sent them over and over as the day progressed. The REV has kept the idiom but inserted the meaning of the idiom by adding “again and again” in italics. [For more on this idiom and where it occurs, see commentary on Jeremiah 26:5].

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“made up for.” See commentary on Leviticus 26:34.

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