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“according to the old standard.” The Hebrew is more literally, “by the former measure,” and it refers to a standard that was used in earlier times. But scholars do not know which standard that is, since both the short cubit and the long cubit were used in earlier times. Furthermore, it is possible that there was a short, medium, and long cubit, which was the case in Egypt, and most scholars believe that because of Israel’s time in Egypt they started with the Egyptian cubit. So the “cubit” measurement is debated and made difficult for two reasons: we do not know which of the cubits was used, the long cubit or the short cubit, and also we are not completely sure of the exact length of either cubit, or even if the ancients were able to maintain such tight control over measurements that there was an “exact” cubit. For example, two of the suggested lengths for the long cubit are 20.4 inches or 20.74 inches, while a couple of the suggested measurements for the short cubit are 17.4 and 17:72 inches (cp. Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible: 2 Chronicles). So even if we were sure that Solomon used the long or short cubit, we still would not know exactly how long that cubit was. The REV uses 18 inches for the short cubit and 21 inches for the long cubit (see commentary on Ezek. 40:5).

There is some logic in using the shorter cubit for Solomon’s Temple. The true dwelling places of God become more exalted as one goes through history. The Temple was bigger and more glorious than the Tabernacle, and Ezekiel’s Millennial Temple (if Solomon used the short cubit) is bigger than Solomon’s Temple (Ezek. 40-44), and then in the Eternal Kingdom (Rev. 21-22) there is no temple at all but God lives personally among His people (Rev. 21:22).

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“cherubim.” See commentary on Exodus 25:20 and Ezekiel 1:5.

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