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“Their god is a god of the hills.” The belief at the time was that the various gods lived in specific places on earth. This belief shows up in a number of different verses in the Old Testament, and was even believed by many Israelites, even though God revealed that He was the only true God. The belief that the gods lived in specific places developed because demons do indeed live in different places and so when they manifest themselves or influence a culture, they influence that culture in their own particular way. Demons are not omnipresent, and they control different places in different ways. Furthermore, the demons are in a hierarchy, with some being more powerful than others. That was the way God arranged the angelic world, and when some of the angels fell (those we now often refer to as demons), they maintained their hierarchy. Daniel 10:12-14 reveals a powerful demon that resisted the angel that God sent to answer Daniel’s prayer.

The belief that Yahweh was the God of Israel and lived in Israel explains a number of Bible verses. For example, it explains why when Jonah got a revelation from Yahweh that he did not want to obey, he left Israel. Jonah thought that by leaving the land of Israel he could get away from Yahweh (Jonah 1:3). Also, Naaman the Syrian wanted to worship Yahweh, but how could he do that in Syria? Naaman’s solution was to take some of the land of Israel back with him to Syria and worship Yahweh on the dirt from Israel (2 Kings 5:17). Also, when the king of Assyria moved people into Israel they did not know how to please Yahweh and so had troubles (2 Kings 17:26).

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