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1Ch 17:5

“since the day that I brought up Israel to this day.” This would have been a time period of very close to 450 years, and in that time the cloth of the Tabernacle would have needed refurbishing.

“from tent to tent, and from tabernacle to tabernacle.” What this is saying is not exactly clear, but it likely refers to the fact that the tent (tabernacle) was made of cloth and would need to be refurbished, and also that it was moved from place to place as 2 Samuel 7:6 make clear.

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1Ch 17:8

“I will make you a name.” The verb tense is the same in this phrase as in the first part of the sentence, and thus could well read, “I have made you a name,” but the sense of the text is future although the making of David’s great name had already started. Thus here the past tense can be both a past tense and a prophetic perfect, and thus be speaking of things that have already happened as well as things that will happen. Because this is Nathan speaking of David’s kingdom, the REV text has represented the verb as a future tense, as do most English versions.

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“a house.” In this context, a house is a dynasty.

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1Ch 17:13

“the one that was before you.” This is referring to King Saul, who was the king before David. It seems that Chronicles did not want to give any legitimacy to Saul.

1Ch 17:14

“install him in my house and in my kingdom forever.” This is a promise of a continuing dynasty. It was well understood that Solomon was not the Messiah and would not live forever, so that did not need to be stated. It was David’s throne, now in the hands of Solomon, that would remain forever.

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1Ch 17:16

“my house.” David is not referring to his immediate household, but to the dynasty that would come from him and last forever.

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1Ch 17:22

“and you, O Yahweh, became their God.” (See commentary on 2 Sam. 7:24).

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1Ch 17:25

“revealed.” The Hebrew text is idiomatic: “you have rolled back the ear of your servant.”

“house.” This refers to David’s dynasty.

“found the inspiration to pray.” The Hebrew is simply, “found to pray,” and the different English versions fill in the blank in many different ways.

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