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1Ch 13:1(top)
1Ch 13:2

“to the rest of our brothers.” There were Israelites and priests and Levites who had stayed home and not gone to bring the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem, and David wanted to make sure that everyone knew about this great event and had a chance to be there.

1Ch 13:3

“let’s bring back the ark of our God to us.” This phrase should be taken not only spatially, that is, that the ark of God would be near them, but also taken relationally, that the ark of God would be “brought back” into the daily lives of the people of Judah.

“we did not inquire of it.” That is, God’s people did not inquire about God’s will in the presence of the ark. This points to Saul not being a very godly person.

1Ch 13:4(top)
1Ch 13:5

“from Shihor of Egypt.” This site is debated but the most likely thing is that it was a name for the Nile or a Nile tributary (cp. Isa. 23:3; Jer. 2:18), but it has been suggested that other rivers might be meant.

“Lebo-hamath.” This is in the far north of Israel. So “from Shihor of Egypt as far as Lebo-hamath” is the territory of Israel from the extreme south to the extreme north. Lebo-hamath is mentioned many times in the Bible.

1Ch 13:6

“who is called by the Name, Yahweh.” This is similar to 2 Samuel 6:2. Yahweh is taken from the middle of the verse and moved to the end.

1Ch 13:7(top)
1Ch 13:8(top)
1Ch 13:9

“threshing floor of Chidon.” Chidon is called “Nacon” in 2 Samuel 6:6. This is two names for the same man.

1Ch 13:10(top)
1Ch 13:11

“And David became angry.” This verse is almost the same as 2 Samuel 6:8.

1Ch 13:12

“to me.” That is, to me back home in Jerusalem.

1Ch 13:13

“the Gittite.” The inhabitants of Gath were referred to as “Gittites” (see commentary on Josh. 13:3; cp. 2 Sam. 15:18).

1Ch 13:14(top)

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