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1Ch 11:1

“Then all Israel gathered themselves to David at Hebron.” Chronicles says nothing about the long civil war between the house of Saul and the house of David that takes a few chapters in the Book of Kings.

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1Ch 11:8

“Joab restored the rest of the city.” The Hebrew is more literally, “Joab gave life to the rest of the city.” It is strange to speak of rebuilding as “giving life” and so two interpretations have been set forth by scholars. The first is that Joab rebuilt and restored it so that people could live there. However, it is possible that Joab allowed some Jebusites to live, and thus “gave life” to the city.

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1Ch 11:15

“the cave of Adullam…in the Valley of Rephaim.” The Cave of Adullam is west of the Valley of Rephaim, so in this instance the Philistines had managed to take the ground east of where David was.

1Ch 11:16

“the stronghold.” It is not described, but in this context, the stronghold is likely the Cave of Adullam.

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1Ch 11:20

“chief of the three.” Cp. 2 Sam. 23:18. The Syriac reads “chief of the thirty.”

1Ch 11:21

“He was doubly honored above the three.” The Hebrew text is unclear. It seems to be contradictory as it stands, but there is no easy way to explain the text. Commentators explain that there may have been two sets of three men, or the word “three” in the Hebrew text could have been miscopied and “thirty” be original, or “doubly-honored,” as in the REV.

1Ch 11:22

“two lion-hearted men.” The meaning of the Hebrew text is unclear, and there have been many suggestions, but “lion-hearted” fits with the idea of a great exploit and also with “lion” in the next phrase.

1Ch 11:23

“a man of great stature.” This is similar in ways to 1 Sam. 17:7, the description of Goliath.

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