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1Ch 15:1

“made houses for himself.” It seems that David took advantage of the men and materials that Hiram provided (1 Chron. 14:1), and the “houses” are likely attached quarters, for example for his harem. Solomon had different “houses” in his own huge house. The Hebrew uses the word “make” here, and not “build,” but it is unclear why. It may be because David was using Hiram’s men to do the building.

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1Ch 15:4

“the sons of Aaron.” These are the priests, and they are different from the Levites.

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1Ch 15:12

“make yourselves holy.” The people were to do what it took to make themselves holy in the sight of God (cp. Lev. 11:44). David understood the value of people who handled the things of God to make themselves holy in God’s sight. This is important for Christians to keep in mind too, because we handle the Word of God, the people of God, God’s money, etc. This is not to be done carelessly or in an ungodly way.

[For more on “make yourselves holy,” see commentary on Joshua 3:5.]

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1Ch 15:20

“set to alamoth.” Exactly what “alamoth” means is unknown. It could be a style of music, or a pitch to which the instrument was tuned, or to something else.

1Ch 15:21

“leading with harps according to the sheminith.” Exactly what the “sheminith” is, is not known. It comes from the word for eight and may be related to musical octaves.

1Ch 15:22

“song...singing.” The Hebrew word translated “song...singing” is more properly “burden” in Hebrew, which has caused some commentators to relate it to prophecy. The meaning is uncertain, and might possibly even have something to do with singing that involved prophecy like so many of the psalms, which were praise but involved prophecy as well.

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1Ch 15:25

“So David and the elders of Israel and the heads over thousands.” These are the dignitaries. 1 Chronicles 15:28 mentions everyone else.

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1Ch 15:27

“David was clothed with a cloak of fine linen.” This is not the normal word for “clothed;” it means more like “wrapped.” Chronicles mentions both the clothing and the ephod, whereas 2 Samuel 6:14 only mentions the ephod.

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1Ch 15:29

“she despised him in her heart.” The text does not give a specific reason for this, but it may have had something to do with David taking her from her previous husband.


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