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The REV Bible has been an ongoing and developing project since work on it began in 2000. There is a lot of work done on the REV that is not indicated under the "What's New" section. But many meaningful changes are being made which readers and supporters might appreciate knowing about. Furthermore, this blog will provide updates on areas where current work is being done. It is a proper venue to describe the various translation decisions, perspectives on particular passages, and even struggles between multiple translation options. In addition, it will often include insights concerning why certain translation decisions have been made.

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Date added: 3/4/2020 5:08 PM EST
Update 3/4/2020


Here is a summary of some of the work that has been done on the REV the past few months.

John Schoenheit and Bill Schlegel have finished translating Joshua, and many commentary entries were added. They have recently started working on Judges.

John and Jerry Wierwille are almost finished with 1 Peter, and the commentary has been expanded as well.

Also, be sure to read the rewritten and expanded Appendix 1 on “The Permanence of Christian Salvation.” It is empowering and comforting to know and understand this tremendous blessing we have as Christians.

God bless!

Date added: 11/2/2019 10:35 AM EST
Update 11/2/2019

Update 11/2/2019,

Here is a summary of some of the work that was done on the REV the past few weeks. John Schoenheit and Bill Schlegel have finished translating Ecclestiastes, and several commentary entries were added. They have recently been working on Joshua, completing up through chapter 10.

John and Jerry Wierwille have been working on 1 Peter, completing through chapter 2.

The planned trip to Israel is under way, so please keep everyone in your prayers.

God bless!

Date added: 9/28/2019 11:19 AM EST
Recent REV Work


Here is a summary of some of the work that was done on the REV the past couple of weeks. John Schoenheit and Bill Schlegel continued working in Ecclesiastes, translating up through Ecclestiastes 11, and several commentary entries were added. One of the overarching themes of Ecclesiastes is that God wants us to enjoy this life! Also, the commentary on 1 Corinthians 3:18-23 was expanded.

For the REV Website, searching from the navigation box at the top has been improved. You can now search for multiple words at once. For example, if you want to find all verses with the words “David” and “Nathan” in them, you can type both words into the navigation box: “david nathan”. Previously, you could only search for one word at a time from the navigation box.

God bless!

Date added: 8/30/2019 8:55 PM EST
Week of 8/25 - 8/31

Greetings to all,

Here is a summary of some of the work that was done on the REV this week. John Schoenheit and Jerry Wierwille finished translating Philippians 4, completing the book. You may want to catch up on the changes and additions to the commentary, too. Next on the agenda is the Epistle of 1 Peter. Work has begun on 1 Peter 1. John and Bill Schlegel continued working in Ecclesiastes, translating Ecclestiastes 7, and several commentary entries were added.

There were two new “What’s New” entries this week.

For the REV Website, the blue highlight dot mentioned last week now goes away once you have viewed the new What’s New entry or Blog. Also, you can now download the entire REV Bible, Commentary, and Appendices in Microsoft Word format. Go to the “Exports” section of the site and links to download the files are located right at the top. The Exports section can be accessed by opening the left menu and clicking the Export icon: .

God bless!

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Date added: 8/23/2019 5:45 PM EST
Week of August 19-23, 2019


Here is some of the work that was done on the REV this week.

John and Jerry worked on Philippians 4, both translation work and minor changes and additions to the commentary. John and Bill Schlegel did significant work in Ecclestiastes 6. Also, the appendix on Calvinism was cleaned up a little for clarity.

There were two “What’s New” entries this week as well.

The REV Website also has a minor new feature. Whenever there is a new “What’s New” entry or a new Blog entry, the menu icon at the top left corner of the screen will have a blue dot on it. You will now know if something new has been added without having to open the menu. Soon this will be improved so that once you view the new entry, you will no longer see the dot.

God bless!

Date added: 6/20/2019 5:08 PM EST
Continuing in Philippians

John and Jerry continue to move through Philippians, and are now 2/3 through chapter 3. Commentary is also being added to Philippians, with much more to come. Also, scattered commentary and text correction continues to occur in the Old Testament.

Date added: 6/14/2019 4:14 PM EST
Philippians 2 is finished!

Jerry and John finished their review of Philippians chapter 2 in the REV, modifying some verses and adding commentary, and now move on to Philippians 3 next week. John has been spending time in the early mornings in Zephaniah, which has improving translation and much new commentary.

Date added: 6/7/2019 7:24 AM EST
On to Philippians 2

The translation review of Philippians 1 is finished and John and Jerry have moved on to Philippians 2. Lots of commentary has been written in various parts of the Old and New Testaments to support the Faith Community

Date added: 5/29/2019 8:21 AM EST
Revamped REV Website

God bless you!

If you are reading this, you have obviously noticed that the REV website has changed. Perhaps the biggest change is that much of the site navigation is now done by clicking or tapping on the text box that is at the top of every page on the site. From there you can get to almost anywhere on the site within a couple of clicks. We are working on rewriting the main help page (“How to use this Website”) to reflect the changes to the site, and will have that done within a couple of days. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the site and some of the new features, including a “History” section, where you can easily get back to places on the site that you have recently visited, and the new Sepia color theme.

Thank you for using the REV website, and we hope it continues to be a blessing to you.

Date added: 5/19/2019 6:45 AM EST
Continuing in Philippians

More work was done in Philippians 1, and there were scattered changes to the REV around the Old Testament. Also, there were small clarifying commentary entries done in many different places.