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The REV Bible has been an ongoing and developing project since work on it began in 2000. There is a lot of work done on the REV that is not indicated under the "What's New" section. But many meaningful changes are being made which readers and supporters might appreciate knowing about. Furthermore, this blog will provide updates on areas where current work is being done. It is a proper venue to describe the various translation decisions, perspectives on particular passages, and even struggles between multiple translation options. In addition, it will often include insights concerning why certain translation decisions have been made.

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Date added: 2/12/2018 2:12 PM EST
Why does Luke 16:18 seem to be out of place?
Part of the reason we write the commentary we do is to help people who have questions about what they are reading, or are in Bible Study groups, or are preparing teachings or sharings, to understand the verses they are reading. An example of that came up this week when someone asked why Luke 16:18 was placed where it was. Admittedly, Luke 16:18 can seem out of place, and so we wrote commentary to help explain why that verse was where it was. Luke 16:18 shows how blind to our own sin we can be while at the same time seeming to see other people’s sin so clearly. That certainly was the case with the Pharisees in Luke 15-16, and in Luke 16:18, Christ was helping them see their sin more clearly, although there is no record that any of the Pharisees “got it,” and repented.

See the commentary on Luke 16:18.

Date added: 1/31/2018 1:56 PM EST
Welcome to the REV Blog
Hello, and welcome to the first REV blog post. From the very beginning, the REV Bible has been a collaborative work that has involved a number of different talented individuals over the years. Currently, the work is being carried on by three very capable individuals who have a passion for the Scriptures and are invested in producing the highest quality translation possible to share with the world.

Thus, to introduce the current translation team, leading the team is John Schoenheit, who has been working on the project since its inception in 2000. Joining him is Jerry Wierwille, who has been actively involved in the project since 2015, focusing on the NT text. And the most recent member of the team is Dustin Smith, who has adept language skills in both biblical Hebrew and Greek. Smith has been a critical member in enabling the project to forge ahead in the OT. He has been providing the translation of the Hebrew text and has been providing great insights on the NT text as well.

Last year, the team translated the Book of Proverbs from the Hebrew text, completing the translation in early summer. Since then, Schoenheit and Smith have continued on with Book of Psalms. Presently, the work in Psalms has been completed past chapter 100....Read More