REV Appendices

Here are the available Appendices:

Appendix 1: The Permanence of Christian Salvation  
Appendix 2: Life in the Age to Come  
Appendix 3: Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth  
Appendix 4: The Dead are Dead  
Appendix 5: Annihilation in the Lake of Fire  
Appendix 6: Usages of “Spirit”  
Appendix 7: Usages of “Soul”  
Appendix 8: On Calvinism and Predestination  
Appendix 9: Fool and Foolish  
Appendix 10: Jesus is the Son of God; not God the Son  
Appendix 11: What is the Holy Spirit?  
Appendix 12: The Role of Women in the Church  
Appendix 13: The Bride of Christ  
Appendix 14: Names of the Devil  
Appendix 15: Can We Pray to Jesus?  
Appendix 16: “Faith” is “Trust”