Yahweh has taken away the judgments against you.
He has turned back your enemy.
The King of Israel, Yahweh, is in your midst.
You will not be afraid of evil any more. Bible other translations

“the judgments against you.” The Hebrew is more literally, “your judgments,” which can also include God’s “punishments” on Judah, and some versions read “punishments.” But translating the sentence literally and saying, “Yahweh has taken away your judgments” could be misunderstood to be saying that the people will no longer be judgmental, and that is not what the verse is saying. When Christ comes back and sets up His kingdom God’s judgments and punishments against Judah and Jerusalem will be over. The people will be in a New Covenant and will have a new heart and new spirit (Jer. 32:36-41; Ezek. 11:17-20; 36:26).

“You will not be afraid of evil any more.” Feeling and being safe in one’s person and possessions is so vital to people’s enjoying life that it is no wonder that God has much to say about Christ’s future kingdom on earth being safe: (cp. Isa. 11:6-9; 32:18; 54:14-17; 60:11,17,18; 65:17-25; Jer. 23:4; 30:10; 32:37; 33:6; Ezek. 28:26; 34:25-31; Mic. 5:4,5; Zeph. 3:13-17). [For more on the wonderful attributes of the Millennial Kingdom, see Appendix 3, “Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth”].

Commentary for: Zephaniah 3:15