He brought me to the house of wine,
and his banner toward me is love. Bible see other translations

“house of wine.” While it is true that a banquet hall was sometimes called a “house of wine” because of the wine that was enjoyed there, that is likely not the emphasis here. The association between wine and sexual pleasure is well-known and made in both the Old and New Testaments (Hab. 2:15; Rom. 13:13; Rev. 17:2). The couple would drink wine and make love.

“his banner toward me.” We agree with Garrett and House (Word Biblical Commentary) that the Hebrew word degel (#01714) has its normal meaning of “banner,” and portrays the sense of an army or military unit under a commander and which carried a banner. The woman has not been “conquered” yet (and portrays herself in another place as a “walled city” (Song 8:10). The king, her lover, brings her to the house of wine, but does not force himself upon her but instead approaches her lovingly.

Commentary for: Song of Songs 2:4