And he said, “Bring the cloak that you are wearing and hold it tightly.” She held it and he measured six measures of barley and laid it on her, and he went into the city. Bible

“cloak.” This particular word translated “cloak” is unusual, occurring only here and Isaiah 3:22.

“hold it.” The idea is hold it tightly so the grain would not spill out. The Hebrew means to hold or grasp.

“measured six measures of barley.” This is likely about 60 pounds, but the exact measure is unknown. This shows the great concern that Boaz had for Naomi and Ruth. It also would have provided some protection for him had Ruth been seen and recognized; it would have looked like Ruth came early to see about getting some sustenance for her and Naomi.

“and he went into the city.” The Hebrew text reads “he.” Some late Hebrew manuscripts, and the Syriac and Vulgate read “she,” and some English versions follow them and not the Hebrew text. Which reading is correct is a difficult choice because they both ended up going into the city of Bethlehem: Ruth to Naomi with the grain, Boaz to the city gate.

Commentary for: Ruth 3:15