Stay here tonight, and in the morning if he will be for you a kinsman-redeemer, good, let him redeem you. But if he will not redeem you, then as Yahweh lives, I will be a kinsman-redeemer for you. Lie down until the morning.” Bible

“Stay here tonight.” The reason that Boaz wanted Ruth to stay the rest of the night with him instead of going right home is unstated, but there are a couple of logical reasons that he might have said it. One reason is that it was more dangerous to travel in the middle of the night than it was when it was first getting light enough to see. Or, another reason could be that Boaz wanted Ruth to be close in case either of them thought of something that needed to be discussed about their plans for the next day. The suggestion that Boaz wanted that so he could have sex with her is out of place (see commentary on Ruth 3:4, “uncover his feet”).

“let him redeem you.” The phrase, “let him redeem you” could almost seem too casual or perhaps too matter-of-fact and heartless for this situation because it is Ruth’s life and the man she would be married to that is undecided. Ruth knows Boaz, but who is this other man who was a closer relative to Elimelech, and if he decides to redeem Ruth, what would her life, and Naomi’s life, be like then? But in spite of these unknowns, it is important to do things in an honest way. Boaz was a fair and honest man, and he did things in a right and honest way. That is the right way to live even if sometimes things do not turn out the way one expects them to. Psalm 15:4 says that the one who is qualified to live on God’s holy mountain is one “who keeps an oath even when it hurts, and does not change his mind,” and doing the right thing even when it hurts is God’s faithful way, and we certainly see that in the life of Jesus Christ.

Commentary for: Ruth 3:13