Affliction and distress will come upon every human soul who does what is evil, this applies to the Jew first and also to the Greek, Bible see other translations

“soul.” The Greek word often translated “soul” is psuchē (#5590 ψυχή; pronounced psoo-'kay), and it has a large number of meanings, including the physical life of a person or animal; an individual person; or attitudes, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Here it is used more broadly of the individual himself while including his thoughts and emotions. Thus, while the verse could read something such as, “tribulation and anguish on every person” (cp. HCSB; ESV; NIT; NIV), the inclusion of the word “soul” points us to the fact that the thoughts, feelings, and emotions are important. The evil we do is certainly related to our thoughts and emotions, and we are responsible before God to control our thoughts and emotions (2 Cor. 10:5). (This use of “soul” is similar to the one in 2 Peter 2:14.)

[For a more complete explanation of “soul,” see Appendix 16: “Usages of ‘Soul.’”]

Commentary for: Romans 2:9