For there are no pains in their death,
but their belly is fat. Bible see other translations

“For there are no pains in their death.” This seems out of place at this point, and some scholars have suggested that an emendation be made to the Hebrew text. But there may be no need for an emendation. As the NET text note points out, an Aramaic inscription was found at Nerab (a site south-east of Aleppo, Syria) “which views a painful death as a curse and a nonpainful death in one's old age as a sign of divine favor.” Death can be extremely painful, and many people who are close to death in our modern world are on some kind of painkiller. The psalmist is pointing out that the wicked are blessed in this life, and having a pain-free death was considered a blessing from God.

Commentary for: Psalms 73:4