Give ear to my words, O Yahweh.
Consider my sighing. Bible see other translations

“Give ear.” This follows the introductory line, “a Psalm of David.” Although the Hebrew preposition “לְ” can mean “by David” (i.e., authored by David), it is grammatically ambiguous and could equally mean “for David” (i.e., dedicated to David) or even “about David” (a psalm about his life and example). Although ancient tradition assigns this psalm to David, since it talks about entering the Jerusalem Temple (Psalm 5:7) which was not built until after David’s death, it is unlikely that the title serves to denote Davidic authorship. It is more likely that someone after David’s death composed it dedicated to David and his noteworthy prayer life. Many commentators doubt David was the author.a

Cp. Peter C. Craigie, Psalms 1-50 [WBC].

Commentary for: Psalms 5:1