Lady Folly is boisterous,
lacking in understanding, and does not know anything. Bible see other translations

“Lady Folly.” This verse introduces us to the counterpart and adversary to Lady Wisdom (Prov. 9:1; cp. Prov. 1:20), and “Lady Folly” is the personification of foolishness just as “Lady Wisdom” is the personification of wisdom. Translating the Hebrew text as “a foolish woman” is perhaps more grammatical, but then it is not nearly as easy to see the contrast and conflict between the two women of Proverbs, Wisdom and Folly. Understanding her as “Lady Folly” is acceptable in the Hebrew text, and we thought it communicated what God was trying to say (cp. “Folly,” NIV2011; “The woman, Folly,” HCSB, ESV; “Woman Folly” NAB; “the woman named Folly,” NLT).

“is boisterous.” The Hebrew word is hamah (#01993 הָמָה), and although it often refers to making a loud noise or growl, it can refer to being restless or turbulent. Thus translations of Lady Folly’s character include “rowdy” (HCSB), “loud” (ESV), “raucous” (NAB), “boisterous” (NASB), “brash” (NET), and “unruly” (NIV2011). She is all of these.

Commentary for: Proverbs 9:13