Listen, for I speak of things that are correct,
and the opening of my lips brings forth upright words. Bible see other translations

“that are correct.” Everett Fox translates this as “candid things,” and writes that the Hebrew word “Negidim (only here in this sense) means honest or forthright things, things that are directly before (neged) a person.”a Naïve and foolish people constantly overlook or ignore things that are correct or right. For example, there is a creation, there has to be a creator. Wisdom stands before everyone, giving practical, honest, and true advice.

“the opening of my lips brings forth upright words. The Hebrew is more literally: “the opening of my lips – fairness/evenness/straightness.” Here once again we see the idiom of life being like a road or path, and people can walk on straight and even paths, or they can walk a crooked, perverse path. When Wisdom opens her mouth, she sets forth a level and straight path to walk on.

E. Fox, The Schocken Bible.

Commentary for: Proverbs 8:6