then I was beside him growing up,
and I was his great delight daily,
playing in his presence at every moment; Bible see other translations

“great delight.” The word “delight” in Hebrew is in the plural, “delights,” and is a plural of emphasis, thus the translation, “great delight.”

“playing.” The Hebrew is sachaq (#07832 שָׂחַק), and it means to laugh, play, joke; including playing when there is music, singing, and dancing. Wisdom “laughs” at the destruction of the wicked who have ignored all her pleas to become wise (Prov. 1:26). Wisdom is portrayed as laughing and playing when God made the earth. The picture is one of great joy at the plans and purposes of God. The earth was going to be such a wonderful place for God’s people, Wisdom laughed and played as God made the earth. In Proverbs 31:25, the wise woman, the embodiment of Wisdom, has lived so wisely and prepared so well that she laughs at the future.

Commentary for: Proverbs 8:30