So I came out to meet you,
to diligently seek your face, and I have found you. Bible see other translations

“came out to ... diligently seek your face.” The woman is a liar. She flatters this particular young man, when in actuality she would have willingly been with any young man. She is rebellious and does not stay at home, but waits outside for people she can deceive into participating in her sin (Prov. 7:11-12). Sin weaves a web in people’s lives with many interconnecting strands. Sexual sin is life-dominating—the sinner must constantly plan how to have the illicit sex and not get caught, and weave a web of lies to cover his or her sin. This adulteress thinks nothing of lying to the young man, lying is part of the sin of adultery.

“face.” The Hebrew is “face,” here meaning the person himself, particularly in a close or even intimate relationship.

Commentary for: Proverbs 7:15