But when he is caught, he will repay seven times;
he will repay with all the wealth of his house. Bible see other translations

“seven times.” The Mosaic Law said four or five times, depending on what was stolen (Exod. 22:1). This is an example of the cultural use of “seven” to refer to completeness. The man will pay back completely.

“all the wealth of his house.” The Mosaic Law said if a thief did not have the means to pay back what the Law required, “he must be sold [into slavery] to pay for his theft” (Exod. 22:3). Although there were times it came to that, the man would sell everything he owned first, and then was allowed to sell his children into slavery (2 Kings 4:1; Neh. 5:5). If he still did not have enough to cover his debt for theft, then he himself would be sold into slavery. That slavery lasted seven years (Deut. 15:9; 31:10).

Commentary for: Proverbs 6:31