For devious people are an abomination to Yahweh,
but his counsel is with the upright. Bible see other translations

“abomination.” The Hebrew word toebah (#08441 תּוֹעֵבָה) translated “abomination” means “disgusting” or “loathsome,” and it designates anything that is offensive or condemnatory. “Abominations” are described as things abhorrent to God, such as what is hurtful, hostile, or destructive and in opposition to Wisdom and leads others astray from her road. Bad moral conduct and ungodly acts are condemned in Proverbs as being “abominations” in God’s eyes.

“his counsel.” The Hebrew word we translate “counsel” is sod (#05475 סוֹד), and it can refer to a council, or the counsel that comes from the council. In this case, we feel that it refers to God’s counsel. God’s “divine council” is a small group of high-ranking spirit beings with whom He works to run creation. Occasionally God makes His prophets or spokespeople privy to what is being said or done by the council (Jer. 23:18; Job 15:8). God often reveals His plans to people with integrity as we see from how He works with His prophets and apostles throughout the Word. The point of the Proverb is that God abhors devious people, but will share His plans with people with integrity.

[For more on God’s divine council, see commentary on Jeremiah 23:18. For more on how God works with his divine council, see commentary on Genesis 1:26. For more on God’s holding general assemblies for all His spirit beings, see commentary on Job 1:6.]

Commentary for: Proverbs 3:32